After Dark in the Old City

A Unique Nighttime Experience – 3 in 1 ticket to the Tower of David night shows, Night Spectacular, a VR Experience and the Western Wall Tunnels

The most sought after attractions that the Old City has to offer – all in one ticket!

Take a trip through the history of the ancient city to enjoy its archaeological wonders, high-tech projections, music and Virtual Reality (VR).

The After Dark ticket includes the acclaimed Night Spectacular at the Tower of David Museum that tells the story of Jerusalem through art and music projected on the Citadel walls; a Look Into the Past – VR experience – to see the Temple come to life around you in a way that was never possible before, hear the trumpets of the Levis and experience the view the Cohanim (priests) at their work, and a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels where the ancient streets of David’s Jerusalem were preserved and discoverer in all their glory.

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March: 12 | 26
Night Spectacular: 8:30 pm
A Look into the Past: 9:40 pm
Western Wall Tunnels: March 5 – 26 10:10 pm | March 12 – 9:40 pm

April 2
Night Spectacular: 9:00 pm
A Look into the Past: 10 pm
Western Wall Tunnels: 10:20 pm

Tickets: 88 NIS

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or call *2884

*Total time is about three hours

After the Night Spectacular at the tower of David, walk through the charming streets of the Old City to reach the Western Wall Tunnels. You can use this map to guide you:

For group reservations please contact our costumer crevice center: *2884

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The Night Spectacular at the Tower of David

Every evening as night falls, a stunning performances at the Tower of David Museum takes the spectator on an emotional journey through the grand stories, myths and legends of Jerusalem. Enter the monumental gates of the Tower of David and encounter the magic of Jerusalem as the ancient citadel comes to life. Hidden in the courtyard are the most advanced technologies in the world that illuminate the ancient walls with 35,000,000 pixels of breathtaking cinematic images.

The classic Night Spectacular tells the fabled story of Jerusalem. The history and myths, the kings and queens, the armies and empires of the city come to life before your eyes. The Night Spectacular, the first of its kind in the world, is for everyone – tourists from Israel and abroad, families, speakers of all languages and all Jerusalem lovers. Show runtime: 45 minutes.

Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is one of the most magnificent and significant remnants in Jerusalem from the days of the Second Temple, destroyed approximately 2,000 years ago.The Western Wall stretches along almost half a kilometer, but today, the part visible to all at the Western Wall Plaza is a mere 70 meters of it. The tour of the Western Wall Tunnels allows visitors to reach the segments of the Wall hidden from view, and to touch the original and special stones that tell the story of the Jewish nation. Visitors to the Western Wall Tunnels walk through ancient and fascinating subterranean spaces with exquisite archeological findings, such as large stone arches, water pits, an ancient water aqueduct that ends at the Strouthion Pool, and more.

The tour of the Tunnels includes innovative virtual models. It is considered an international attraction and is one of the must-see sites in the city of Jerusalem.

A Look into the Past – in English

For the first time in Israel you can take a tour of the Second Temple using advanced virtual-reality technology. This 360-degree perspective lets you see the beauty of the Temple that was destroyed approximately 2,000 years ago.

During the visit, you will put on a special set of goggles that will take you back thousands of years in time and land you in the most important place for the Jewish nation: The Temple. The specially-designed seats will allow you to get a real sense of what the Temple was like in all its glory.

**Look into the Past is now available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, German and Yidish.

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