Zombies, Brad Pitt, and Haunted House

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The Less-Known History of the Tower of David

There is no more obvious symbol of Jerusalem than the Tower of David Museum. If you want to look at Jerusalem, hang up a picture of the Tower of David. The tower can be seen from afar (to be exact, what one sees from afar is the minaret, the tall tower which was part of the mosque in the time of the Abbasid period). The tower remains etched in the memories of all who enter the Jaffa Gate. The Tower of David is so much associated with the city of Jerusalem that today advertising companies use a picture of the Tower of David to make that connection to the city … and so the Jerusalem marathon, winter cultural events across the city “Hamshushalayim”, conferences and events being held in the capital are all advertised with the Tower of David as the striking visual!

Marathons, shows, and other exciting events are great, but how about some dark history? Jerusalem sits atop thousands of years of history and wars. Where did it all disappear to? In anticipation of the Crazy Mary’s Haunted House at the Tower of David Museum on August 30th, we looked in the archives of YouTube to find out some more about the ghosts and ghouls of the Tower!

  • We’ll start with a relatively calm video clip. Jerusalem has thousands of years of history of wars, including the Crusaders vs. the Muslims. Thus, is there anything more logical than to have the plot of the renowned computer game “Assassin’s Creed” take place in Jerusalem? The fictional plot of the game mirrors the years-long struggle between, on the one hand, the Templars, who tried to achieve peace and calm through control and obedience, and, on the other hand, the Haitians, a Muslim organization of assassins who were called by this name because of a rumor that they had a custom to smoke Hashish. In the first game in the series, part of the plot takes place in Jerusalem of 1191 and the hero has to obtain specific objects, hide, and assassinate the enemies. In this video clip, one can see Jerusalem as presented by the developers of the game. The game focuses mainly on the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount and one doesn’t see the Tower of David. Nonetheless, the game served as an inspiration for many groups of parkour athletes and here you can see parkour athletes who were influenced by the game walking around in modern-day Jerusalem.

  • On the darker end there are terror and zombie video clips. In the movie World War Z, which was filmed in 2013 and which stars Brad Pitt, one of the main scenes takes place in Jerusalem. Because of an international zombie plague, a U.N. agent, played by Brad Pitt, comes to Jerusalem. The zombies took over the entire world except for Jerusalem and North Korea, which remain safe. It is easy to protect Jerusalem because it is surrounded by a wall but it is unclear why North Korea remained safe. In this scene, the Zombies are able to break into Jerusalem with the help of a huge “thieves’ ladder.” You won’t recognize Jerusalem buildings or neighborhoods in the movie because the movie was actually filmed in Malta. It seems that the Jerusalem brand name is strong enough that the movie could be filmed in another location altogether.

  • To conclude, below is an Israeli zombie video clip. In 2011, Dudi Rubin and Daniel Sasson created the animated film “Loof”. In the film, one sees First Sergeant Buchris, a soldier guarding the Cave of the Patriarchs on the eve of Yom Kippur. In a moment of weakness, Buchris breaks his fast and arouses the anger of the fathers of the nation who are buried there. Burchris turns into a zombie with the help of the “loof”, certain abominable food of the military, and tries to protect the country from the Patriarch Abraham. At a certain point, the Patriarch Abraham raises the Tower of David and tries to destroy Buchris, but the power of the loof prevails and Buchris is saved from certain death.


Think you are brave? Come look fear in the eyes! You are invited to the Haunted House on August 30th at the Tower of David. If you can’t find your way out, someone will come to your aid – Buchris, man of the loof, bearer of superhuman powers!


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