There is a Special Charm on Our Streets

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A few days ago we moved the clock back one hour. Now, regardless of whether it is cold or hot outside and regardless of whether ice cream or hot corn is being sold on the street, at 17:00 it is already dark. It is clear that winter has officially arrived.
For many people, the very word “winter” stimulates an urge to curl up in bed under the covers with hot chocolate or soup (with croutons, of course). Yet, not for us! For us here in Jerusalem winter is the “hot” season, for bustling nights of light, music, beer, and crisp air.
Sounds strange to you? Come visit and you’ll understand it all.



The center of Jerusalem is intersected by a central street, Jaffa Street, which is more than just a street and more than just one of the central traffic intersections in the city. Over the years, Jaffa Street has become a main place of recreation for Jerusalemites and visitors from all over Israel and all over the world.

The street combines interesting architecture and ancient structures, between which the light rail passes. As it travels along Jaffa Street, the light rail also passes a wide variety of stores. It doesn’t matter at what time you set foot on Jaffa Street. There is always something going on that will cause you to stop, pull out your phone, and take photos.

Join us for a night tour of one of the most fascinating streets in the city, Jaffa Street!

We’ll start with a legendary Jerusalem symbol: the Mahane Yehuda marketplace, one of the most colorful places in Jerusalem.

When darkness falls, after the last shoppers finish their shopping, the special charm awakens in the alleys of the Mahane Yehuda marketplace, colorful lights turn on, seats are put in place, improvised tables that just a few minutes earlier served as “stalls” are set up along the length and width of the alleys, the music starts playing, and the beer doesn’t stop pouring from the barrels. Each night, the Mahane Yehuda marketplace becomes a night recreation spot for all ages and sectors.

Activity hours: 20:00 in the evening until the early hours of the morning

What you’ll find there: Locals and tourists, bars and restaurants, live music, street parties, beer, wine, food, chic, and Mizrahi culture.


שוק מחנה יהודה

No description of ours would do justice to what you will find further along the street, at Zion Square. Although it is an area smaller than the length of the street, at Zion Square you’ll find never-ending action that brings together all of the best that Jerusalem has to offer, from unique coffee shops to pubs, parties, street musicians, dances of religious people or youth groups, exhibitions, and other Jerusalem experiences.

Activity hours: Does any street have activity hours? Just come! J

What you’ll find there: Music, street parties, coffee shops and restaurants, all in a wonderfully unique Jerusalem atmosphere.


מרכז העירמרכז העיר

From there, on the way to the Jaffa Gate, you’ll pass by the Mamilla neighborhood and the Mamilla shopping boulevard, which opened a decade ago. The beautiful boulevard was built on top of what remained of the ancient “Mamilla” neighborhood by preserving the unique buildings and adding modern elements, an extraordinary and unique combination.

Activity hours: 10:00-22:00 (Some of the restaurants and coffee shops are open until midnight.)

What you’ll find there: A wide variety of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.



For dessert, enjoy the Night Spectacular of the Tower of David Museum. The show is screened on the walls of the Tower of David Citadel, located right at the Jaffa Gate. The walls of the citadel are lit up by the world’s most advanced laser projection system: 35,000,000 pixels present the story of Jerusalem with breathtaking music, images, and huge characters. Through light games and music, the Night Spectacular tells the story of Jerusalem in its own unique and magnificent way.

Activity Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night

What you’ll find there: 45 minutes of a spectacular night show which has become a must-see attraction for every visitor in Jerusalem!

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