Calling all Hamantashen tasters!

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This week in honor of the upcoming holiday of Purim, we decided to take all the good things (or at least some of them) in Jewish tradition surrounding this fun, colorful holiday, and make them accessible to all the visitors to the Citadel.

In order not to confuse the nice visitors who agreed to our crazy antics, we decided to focus on food and drink associated with the holiday. According to the Jerusalem tradition, we dropped in on the Machane Yehuda market and acquired some hamentashen and bottles of wine.  Armed such, we prepared a blind taste test for our visitors as a direct encounter with the joys of Purim.

So, what is on the menu?

In the category of pastries, delicious hamentashen from Marzipan bakery on Agrippas Rd. in many colors and flavors, from classic date and poppy seed, to dark chocolate.  We offer Ferrero Rocher hamantashen for the connoisseurs among us (at least that’s what they claim at Marzipan…)

In the drink category:  As it is known, Purim is one of the holidays which is known for successful sales of wine.  As good Jerusalem residents, we also decided to do our share for our thriving local industry and bring our visitors an authentic Purim experience with tastings of red sweet wine (or kiddush wine, however you want to call it…) or grape juice for those who have not yet celebrated their 18th birthday.

All of this frivolity was done as a kind of ethnographic experiment in order to create an encounter between different cultures surrounding a wonderful commonality, that being, of course, food and drink.  As the chief scientist, we recruited none other than Ariel Tal, who besides being an integral part of the educational staff at the museum, is a wonderful actor.  The experiments were conducted as a blind taste test; and there was no knowledge of which filling would be in the hamantashen in order to understand which would be a worthy choice for a successful Start-Up, which could then be exported to other countries.  We had so much fun!

After meeting a nice group of students from Romania who visited the Citadel, we decided to leave the Citadel, go to Jaffa Gate and find visitors who were milling around with Sultan Suleiman and King David, and ask which hamantashen and drink they preferred…

This is a 360 video, move around with your phone or mouse to see what we happens 

You are invited to come during the days of Purim to our Citadel.

On March 1-2, we are offering the activity “Catch the King!” for families with children.

It will be lots of fun! For details and registration

Happy Purim!

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