Blues for the Men in Blue

Wednesday, 2.8 I During: 17:45 – 19:00 I Free entrance

In 1921 the Police Orchestra was first created and at the time it held concerts for the general public every two weeks more often than not in the grounds of the Tower of David.

In honor of the new exhibition being opened at the Old Yeshuv Court Museum, the Israel Police Orchestra will give a one time performance that will take us back in time to the Jewish Police Orchestra of the British Mandate.

The concert will include both classical music as well as old Jerusalem songs.

About the Exhibition: Blues for the Men in Blue

The exhibit  follows  the integration of Hebrew policemen into the Mandatory police force, principally in the Old City of Jerusalem from the year 1918 until the War of Independence.  The Zionist Commission clearly saw the importance of integrating the Hebrew youth into the Mandatory police force, in spite of the many difficulties, as one of the means to “A State in the Making”,  and made every effort to encourage enlistment into the police force. The training for police work, licenses to carry weapons, and guarding the interests of the Hebrew Yishuv (settlement) were fruits of this policy.


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