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Audrey and the ring
Writen by: Yoshi Yaron

100 Years Later – A Golden Ring Returns to Jerusalem

A few weeks ago, we opened our newest exhibition, A General and A Gentleman:  Allenby at the Gates of Jerusalem with a festive celebration that marked exactly 100 years since the entrance of General Allenby into the Old City of Jerusalem. At the opening, we met a wonderful and unique lady named Audrey Campbell. Audrey is a history enthusiast from Canada who likes to browse the internet in search of historical items that are offered and sold in special forums and auctions. In one of her...
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Writen by: Tower of David Museum staff

Some Little Known Facts About Christmas

Many Christians around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25. The day marks not only the birth of Jesus, but also the holiday that has been the subject of myths, urban legends, and countless Hollywood productions. In movies and TV shows, Christmas...