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Writen by: Yael Alexcander

Heavenly Jerusalem

A tour of panoramas of the Old City, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is perched on top of a mountain and covers hilltops and valleys. From every mountain, from every elevation point, you can see a slightly different Jerusalem.  We have a surprise for those who enjoy walking, slow or fast; for photography and landscape enthusiasts; for those who kneel on one knee to declare their love through the pink rays of the setting sun; and for those who just love Jerusalem. We present a walking trail that passes...
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Writen by: Ricky Rachman

Where was King David – really?

In honor of Jerusalem Day, and after dealing with copious questions, theories and assumptions, we have decided to clear up the story of King David and Jerusalem once and for all. King David, the victorious warrior who overpowers giants, plays the harp and...
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Writen by: Neta Yaron

Around the World in 111 Years

One of the most interesting and beautiful exhibits at the Tower of David Museum is an impressive, 18 sq. meter zinc model of Jerusalem crafted in the 19th century. This unique exhibit was created in 1872, during the Ottoman period in Jerusalem, by the...
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Writen by: Ricky Rachman

Routine cleaning and conservation leads to Hanukkah treasure!

Almost thirty years after the completion of archaeological excavations in the courtyard of the Tower of David, no one expected to find more new discoveries from the past! But it turns out that Jerusalem never ceases to surprise and as timing would have it.....