The Tower of David Citadel

大卫塔 - 耶路撒冷历史博物馆

耶路撒冷历史中的大卫塔博物馆,坐落在被称为‘大卫塔’的中世纪堡垒。堡垒地点靠近雅法大门 – 也是进入历史悠久老城的大门。

博物馆的常设展览在随着时间的推移,各种途径说明了城市的历史,并解译为三种语言:希伯莱语、阿拉伯语和英语。堡垒本身就是一个非常迷人的考古遗迹。堡垒的遗迹证明了城市过去的多事之秋,并在小规模时间范围的介绍中,讲解了耶路撒冷的历史。 从堡垒的塔楼上可以观察到耶路撒冷老城及新城的360度的壮丽景点。


博物馆的建立和其内部的继续运作归功于Vivien Duffield圣母院和耶路撒冷基金会的以色列Clore组织。




博物馆参观 晚间汇演 综合票务:
成人 40元谢克尔 55元谢克尔 70元谢克尔
大学生 30元谢克尔 50元谢克尔 55元谢克尔
18元谢克尔 50元谢克尔 55元谢克尔
残疾 15元谢克尔 30元谢克尔 40元谢克尔

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The museum is located in an ancient citadel. A large part of the exhibition is accessible to persons with mobility disabilities and to wheelchairs. Parking for persons with disabilities can be arranged in advance. Call the museum office for details: +972-2-6265333.

The cafeteria is open to the public during opening hours, except Saturdays and holidays.

Free WiFi areas located at the entrance to the Museum and in the Cafeteria.

  • Mamila-Elrov open mall
  • Ramparts Walk
  • The Old City Market
  • Teddy’s Park

  • How do I get to the Museum?
    By car: From the entrance to the city, follow the signs to City Center. If using Waze, enter the address as Yitzhak Kariv Street where the public parking is located.
    By public transportation: Take the light rail from the Central Bus Station/Binyanei HaUma to Kikar Safra (the municipality building) and continue by foot to Jaffa Gate. Bus lines operate from the Central Bus Station to King George Street and from there by foot to Yitzhak Kariv Street and Jaffa Gate.
  • Where do I park?
    You can park at the Alrov-Mamilla carpark at the foot of Jaffa Gate (first hour is free). Additional parking lots on Yitzhak Kariv Street and downtown. From the parking area take the stairs or elevator to the Mamilla Shopping Street and continue to Jaffa Gate and the main entrance to the Museum.
  • How much time do I need to visit the museum?
    The time needed to visit the museum varies from person to person. However, in order to see the highlights, we recommend a visit of 1 1/2 hours.
  • When is the Night Spectacular shown?
    Show times vary throughout the year. To find out specific times, please check our calendar>>
  • Can I walk from the Tower of David to the Kotel (Western Wall)?
    Yes, you can walk through the market or through the Jewish Quarter. Walking time is about 20 minutes.
  • What is the difference between the Tower of David and the City of David?
    The Tower of David is the Museum of the History of Jerusalem and is located across from the Jaffa Gate. The City of David is an archaeological site located outside of the Dung Gate. Both sites charge admission.
  • Does entrance to the Museum include entrance to the Ramparts Walk?
    You can purchase a discount combination ticket for daytime entrance to the museum and entrance to the Ramparts Walk: Adults – 45 NIS; Children – 24 NIS; Israeli seniors – 25 NIS; Students – 35 NIS.
    You can also purchase a discount ticket to the Night Spectacular and the Ramparts Walk: Adults – 63 NIS; Students/Israeli seniors 58 NIS; Children – 53 NIS.
    * The ticket can be used on the same day or the following day only.
    There are two routes of the walk – the northern route, from Jaffa Gate to the Lions Gate and the southern route, from Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate (accessible from David’s Garden near the Museum exit).
    The Ramparts Walk is operated by the East Jerusalem Development Corporation, not the Tower of David.

Museum Opening Hours

9:00 – 16:00

(Aug 09:00 - 17:00)


9:00 – 14:00
(*And Eve of Holidays)


9:00 – 16:00 (*And Holidays)

(Aug 09:00 - 17:00)


General information:
Call Center *2884

Sunday-Thursday 08:00-16:00


The Alrov-Mamilla carpark at the foot of Jaffa Gate, first hour is free. Additional parking lots on Yitzhak Kariv Street and downtown.

Line 38. Lines 13,18 stops at King David st.

Safra Square station (Jerusalem Municipality)