Herod’s palace in 3D

Digital 3D screening in day light in the Moat


Walk into the newly opened moat and see the impressive excavations that show life in Jerusalem from over 2,500 years ago. In between the citadel moat’s walls there is an ancient quarry site dating back to the time of the First Temple. Perhaps it was from here that the very stones that built the temple were hewn out of the bedrock. Next to the quarry is a stone mikveh from Second Temple period and across the other side leading towards the Kishle building are the magnificent stone stairs that lead down into what was a pool and part of the spectacular compound of Herod’s palace.

Ancient scriptures together with descriptions by Josephus Flavius have helped us to recreate Herod’s Palace and now as you look on the original stone steps from over 2,000 years ago, 3D imaging will help you imagine how it would have been to step down into the pools on a screen adjacent to the steps.

The screen technology is new in Israel allowing 3D film imagery to be screened outdoors in daylight.

Included in entrance price
Duration: 2 m.

Production: Dagan