Election Day

On Election Day for the 22nd Knesset, entrance to the Tower of David is 2 + 2 FREE!

September 17, 2019 | 9:00 am – 4:45 pm (last entry at 4:00 pm)

The Tower of David Museum invites you to visit the Citadel on Election Day and enjoy a wide variety of programs included in the entrance fee:

“The Mount - a Photographic Journey to the Temple Mount from 1838-2019”

ZEEV JABOTINSKY IN ARMY UNIFORM DURING WORLD WAR 1. פורטרט, זאב ז'בוטינסקי במדים צבאיים, בזמן מלחמת העולם הראשונה.

The Temple Mount is the most striking and visible symbol in the Jerusalem skyline and at its center stand the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. Through an in-depth photographic study, the exhibit shows the story of “The Mount” in the modern history of the city: from the monumental, architectural perspective to the “tinderbox of the Middle East”, and the place which is at center-stage of the national-religious conflict in Israel today.

Guided tour of the exhibit:
Examine the photographs which are featured in the exhibit, hear about the changes which have occurred on the Temple Mount since 1839 and understand the factors which caused this change.

Tour in Hebrew: 1:30 pm
Tour Length: 90 minutes

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Young Explorer: Family Activity Book

החוקר הצעיר

The ancient Tower of David hides secrets and mysteries of Jerusalem which are thousands of years old.  The Citadel’s stones have seen biblical kings ruling in royal palaces, noble ladies peeking out of glorious towers, brave fighters standing watch on fortified walls, sultans, explorers and pioneers.

So…we invite you to come with your family and uncover the secrets of Jerusalem.  Ask for your copy of the activity booklet at the entrance of the museum. 

Available in Hebrew or English.

Classic Tours of the Citadel

ZEEV JABOTINSKY IN ARMY UNIFORM DURING WORLD WAR 1. פורטרט, זאב ז'בוטינסקי במדים צבאיים, בזמן מלחמת העולם הראשונה.

Guided tour including the observation point from the main tower of the citadel over East and West Jerusalem, visit restored rooms of the Citadel which display the story of Jerusalem’s history from the Canaanite period until the establishment of the state, historical models which show the city during different eras and a tour of the archaeological remains in the Citadel courtyard.

(Tour:  10:30 am (Hebrew) | 11:00 am (English

Tour Length:  2 hours

Appropriate for adults and children ages 12 and up

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Observation Point

תצפית מוזיאון מגדל דוד

Observation Point of the Tower of David
Children and Adults alike enjoy climbing between the towers of the Citadel and taking a peek between the arrow slits which once served to defend the Citadel. From on high, the tower looks out over an impressive view with a 360 degree vista: the Old City and the New City of Jerusalem, the Four Quarters, the new neighborhoods, the Mount of Olives, Mt. Scopus, and the Judean desert heading down to the Dead Sea.

Permanent Exhibits

תצוגת הקבע

Exhibition in the rooms of the Citadel
The exhibit follows the historic timeline of the city, and presents the prominent events in each era – from the beginnings of the city in the second millennium BCE until Jerusalem becomes the capital of the State of Israel in modern times.

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Night Experiences

Old City of Jerusalem, Israel: David Tower Light Show

The Tower of David invites you to the Night Experiences, an adventure for the senses, using the most advanced technology in the world to combine the past, the present and the future. Powerful laser screening accompanied by quality, emotive sound creates an ephemeral feeling of magic and color.
The walls of the Citadel serve as a backdrop for the Night Experiences – a festival of sights and sounds. Between the archaeological remains in the courtyard of the Citadel and the original musical score we discover the story of the city of Jerusalem in the classic Night Spectacular, and of the character of Jerusalem’s most famous king in the new show – King David. Both Night Experiences are presented in larger than life images which will take your breath away.

8:00 pm | King David (VIP experience available)
9:00 pm | Night Spectacular (VIP experience available)

**Not included in admission to the museum, tickets for the Night Experiences are available separately.

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Repentance, Forgiveness and Prayer - Selichot tour from the Tower of David to the Western Wall

ZEEV JABOTINSKY IN ARMY UNIFORM DURING WORLD WAR 1. פורטרט, זאב ז'בוטינסקי במדים צבאיים, בזמן מלחמת העולם הראשונה.

Selichot tour from the Tower of David to the Western Wall. A special nighttime experience in the Tower of David and the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter, in the spirit of the month of Elul and the Tishrei holidays in Jerusalem. The tour will also include a musical workshop on piyyut poems from the selichot service.

Delve into the Jewish traditions, prayers, piyyutim poems including the central piyyut “Unetaneh Tokef”, the shofar blasts on Yom Kippur, and traditions throughout different periods in the city.
Ascend to the top of the museum’s Phasael Tower (the highest point in the Old City) for an impressive observation of the Old City and the New City, continue to the Citadel’s moat from the Middle Ages, and the Kishle – a prison from the British Mandate where were discovered finds from all periods of Jerusalem’s history.
Continue to a musical workshop of learning and singing piyyut poems from selichot, led by David Cohen Nehemya; and afterwards go out into the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter and hear about the custom of reciting selichot in our times. During the tour, we will connect Jewish prayer, the blowing of the shofar on Yom Kippur, the piyyut poem “Unetaneh Tokef” and other piyyutim, Jewish customs and different traditions in the Old City, from the distant past until today.

**Not included in admission to the museum, tickets for the tour are available separately.

Tour Dates: September 11, 12, 16, 17, 23, 25
Time: 10:00 pm
Tour Length: 2 hours
Price: adults – 50 NIS  |  Israeli Senior Citizens q Students – 40 NIS

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