Jerusalem Out of the Box
Fun, Challenging Visual Puzzle Game


A challenging game that invites you to think outside of the box - and then open it!

Visual clues based on sites and symbols of Jerusalem are printed on a locked box.  To open the box, you need to unravel the clues and discover the code to open the lock.
Solving the puzzle means thinking creatively and working together as a team but does not require any prior knowledge or specific familiarity with any religion or language.

And all you need to do is: assemble it, lock it, and play!

In celebration of Passover – Hide the Afikomen inside the Box!
Order the gift box, lock the Afikomen inside - and let the Passover Seder participants crack the riddle together with creative thinking outside the box!

You can hide gift vouchers for experiential activities in Jerusalem in a box of your choice:

*To order for educational institutions and groups (more than 5 boxes) please contact orli@tod.org.il