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Join the Tower of David Museum culinary project that tracks the stories of the Jerusalem kitchen throughout history.

The Tower of David Museum has a new culinary project that we call, “Eating in Jerusalem”. It takes our visitors on food tours, tells culinary stories and collects the recipes of the Jerusalem kitchen throughout history.

"Eating in Jerusalem" tells the stories of the Jerusalem kitchen gleaned from archaeological, historical and literary resources and shows how they constitute the colorful culinary scene in Jerusalem today.

Over the last decade, Jerusalem has become a culinary powerhouse.  Tours, meetings, workshops, and lectures about food take place all over the city.  The restaurants, bars and food stalls in and around the Machane Yehuda market have brought about a cultural revolution in urban entertainment and turned the area into a food mecca for locals and tourists alike. Local chefs gained national reputations and many Jerusalem restaurants have become national institutions.

Even so, many people ask - How is the Jerusalem kitchen defined, if at all?  Are there differences between the Jerusalem kitchen and the Tel Aviv kitchen or, indeed, the Israeli kitchen?

At the Tower of David Museum, we are investigating the question:  Is there really such a thing as “Jerusalem food”? In “Eating in Jerusalem'' we are dissecting the Jerusalem food experience through eateries, ingredients, special dishes, markets and by talking with the food experts in the city.

After collecting and archiving stories and materials we will compile a comprehensive guide to food in Jerusalem.  Be sure to keep up with us in our blog stories, our tours, our newsletter and our WhatsApp groups.


And coming soon - webinars in English about food in Jerusalem. 

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