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Long Live the Kaiser: Part 1 - **Upcoming tour has been postponed

125th anniversary of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s visit within the gates of Jerusalem

Long Live the Kaiser: Part 1
125th anniversary of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s visit within the gates of Jerusalem

Wilhelm II, the Kaiser of Germany, arrived for a royal visit to Jerusalem in 1898 amid much excitement. Residents of Jerusalem excitedly prepared for his visit by cleaning the streets, constructing exquisite victory arches, and even dismantling a section of the Old City walls next to Jaffa Gate for his entrance. During this two part tour guided by Tamar Hayardeni, we’ll follow the steps taken by the Kaiser during the famous visit that altered Jerusalem’s skyline.

Part 1: Follow the first steps taken by the Kaiser in the city, his meeting place with Herzl, the camp established in his honor of Neviim Street, and the location of the celebratory reception.

  • For Part 2 of the tour > Click here
  • You may partake in one of the two tours, or both. Each tour is paid for separately.

The tour is subject to a minimum number of participants | There may be changes due to weather | Private group tours can also be arranged – for details > *2884 | [email protected]

Some important details

  • תאריכון

    Date and time

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    *Postponed until further notice

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    90 NIS

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    Tamar Hayardeni

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