There’s a Lion Here! 

Fun Family Digital Game on Jaffa Road (in Hebrew)


Exciting Family Tour Game Using Your Cellphone

The lion is one of the symbols of the city of Jerusalem.  All along Jaffa Road, in the city center, statues and drawings of lions can be found.  Every lion tells a story of a person, place, period or community, and together they tell the story of the development of the capital of Israel.

You are invited to play an exciting game along Jaffa Road - from the Machane Yehuda Market to the Old City.

The game is like a scavenger hunt, looking for lion statues and answering questions of varying difficulty.  Answer the questions, figure out the clues, share experiences and take souvenir photos in fun places.

Even if you know Jerusalem well or visit often - this game is for you!

The game is in cooperation with and operated by the tour app GO BeeTravel


למשחקים נוספים

Some Important Details
Play whenever you want
130 NIS per family
Because the game is cellphone based we recommend authorizing 3 participants
לא מדריך
Independent Tour
Independent guiding using video clips, recordings, written material and puzzles
In Hebrew