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Combination ticket: “Yalla Basta” tastings and a visit to the Tower of David

The “Yalla Basta” ticket includes 4 premium tastings, tasting coupons and a map of the market, allowing you to independently wander the market stalls.

Using coupons for carefully chosen food stands, you can enjoy tastings and savor a culinary experience at one of the most loved markets in Israel. Wander at your own pace and sample everything good that the market has to offer. An audioguide, accessible through your smart phone, leads you on your journey. Recommended to use your own earphones.

What tastings are on the card?

1.Old City Coffee

Start with real “asli” Arabic Coffee from the top of a wonderful observation point over the Old City. Choose from: Arabic coffee with cardamom/hel, espresso or tea with mint

Glass of juice of your choice: Tamarindo, almond, lemonade or carrot

2.Plate of hummus or felafel

In one of the most famous hummus restaurants in the Old City, enjoy a portion of hummus with your choice of: Chick peas, fava beans or tehina

Portion of felafel in the traditional style with finely chopped Arabic salad, rich tehina and pickled vegetables

3.Taste of “Asl”i Kebab

Lamb kebab in pita with roasted vegetables

Beef kebab in pita with roast vegetables and a side of yoghurt

4.Taste of Halva and a package of candies or kanafe

A selection of tastes from the special halva that you can only get in the Old City of Jerusalem and a package of dragée humus

Half portion of na’ameh, 2 kanafe rolls or 3 namouras

*Restaurants are Arab-owned and do not have kosher certification
Card is valid: Every day of the week, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Card can be collected at the museum entrance

Tickets purchased on the website can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, but not less than 7 business days from the date of the event. Requests for ticket cancellations must be sent in writing to: [email protected]

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