A City with the Palmach in its Heart

Spring 1998

A collection of photographs documenting the heroic moments of the Palmach in Jerusalem: the events of the War of Independence, the breaking of the siege of Jerusalem and the battle of Harel, as caught on camera in real time… The exhibition combined staged photos representing the Palmach’s legendary “brave and handsome boys”, alongside many documentary photographs which, together, created a moving historical document.

Most of the photographs were first publicly displayed in the exhibition, and their unveiling surprised even historians who specialize in the period. Suddenly, fifty years on, unknown photographs documenting forgotten moments from the lives of the brigade and the city during those fateful days emerged from private collections and from the bottoms of archives,.

Chaim Hefer, a Palmach veteran, accompanied the exhibition, writing titles for the photos and adding a personal and intimate touch.

Exhibition Curator: Nissan Perez