Allenby at the gates of Jerusalem

Winter 1992

Exhibition marking 75 years since the British armies, led by General Allenby, captured Jerusalem in December 1917.

The exhibition presented an impressive collection of documents and photographs of the day of the conquest and the surrender ceremony held at the entrance to the Tower of David. After the British army entered Jerusalem, General Allenby used the entrance to the Citadel as a stage to address the crowds that had gathered to await him. In the declaration he read, he pledged to safeguard the holy places. This marked the end of Ottoman rule in Jerusalem. The exhibition included an original film documenting the period.

During the exhibition’s run time, the museum hosted a ceremony to commemorate Allenby’s passage through the gates of Jerusalem in which Mayor Teddy Kollek and Viscount Michael Allenby, General Allenby’s grandson, reenacted the event.

Exhibition Curator: Dr. Debbie Hershman