Beyond the Blue

Spring 2002

Ofra Zimbalista at the Museum

Thirty casts of human bodies, created by Ofra Zimbalista, were placed outdoors, in the Citadel courtyard – climbing up walls, sitting atop water cistern openings, walking on roofs. Eight of her computerized renditions of reliefs were displayed in the high arches of the Citadel.

The Citadel, a symbol of power and protection through history, embraced Zimbalista’s artwork and, inspired by it, underwent a transformation of color and appearance. It absorbed a procession of human figures which were energetic and involved in various activities: climbing, walking, playing instruments and games, stopping for a moment and observing.

The sculptures blended into the Citadel’s maze, and visitors saw them from different angles each time. Thus, viewing Beyond the Blue became an active and ongoing process of search and discovery.

Artist Ofra Zimbalista was born in Israel in 1939 and began creating art in the late 1970’s. Her work has been exhibited independently and as part of group exhibitions both in Israel and abroad.

Exhibition Curator: Amitai Mendelsohn

Exhibition Catalogue

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    Beyond the Blue

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