Spring 1993

Unbuilt Jerusalem

A hundred years of dream and vision in the building of Jerusalem, and the “Jerusalem of What Might Have Been” – a city of dreams, hopes, expectations, illusions and nightmares which never materialized in stone and concrete. The exhibition provided a rare glimpse into dozens of projects connected to urban buildings and complexes planned in Jerusalem, but never built. The exhibit brought together building plans which were preserved on paper only, including ideas for an amphitheatre in the Wailing Wall plaza, a university in the shape of a dove in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood and more.

Using models, drawings, video clips and computerized displays, the exhibition illustrated the connection between abstract and imaginative ideas and religious myth and their translation into various, sometimes bizarre, architectural structures. Some of the projects on exhibit reflected political, religious, national and international sensitivities – some were controversial projects which, being far from the consensus caused extreme reactions.

Exhibition Curator: David Kroyanker