Eating in Jerusalem

Spring 1992

The history of Jerusalem through the taste buds and the palates of peoples and cultures; through the kitchens, the flavors and the culinary customs that have existed for over 3000 years of preparing and eating food in Jerusalem. This unique exhibition highlighted famous meals, the mingling of cuisines, the food, spices and drinks from then until now.

The exhibition offered an encounter with the city’s culinary world and a peak into the kitchens of famous and fascinating Jerusalem figures through a display of typical dishes, spices, sweets, jams and pickles, alongside rare archival photographs, certificates and personal testimonies. Also included were documents and testimonies, movie clips and reenactments of historic meals, such as the Augusta Victoria Hospital opening event, or the reenactment of a 19th century harem kitchen.

Throughout the months of the exhibition, the public was invited to take a distinct and active part in feasts, cooking classes with Jerusalem’s best cooks, and more. An herb garden was planted in the citadel’s courtyard and is still there today.

Exhibition Curator: Sherry Anski