Jerusalem in Caricatures

Summer 2009

The word “caricature” derives from the Italian caricare, meaning “to load”. It refers to a drawing of a person or a situation that exaggerates certain details or characteristics in such a way as to charge the drawing with additional nuances, with the intention of arousing criticism and sometimes causing amusement.

It sometimes appears that Jerusalem’s reality is quite extreme enough, making the caricature merely a mirror of events. The city calls for special attention to highlight its complexity and respond to the tensions that exist in every level. This makes it a ‘paradise’ for caricaturists.

Some sixty caricature artists presented their works in “Jerusalem in Caricatures” including Michel Kichka, Shmulik Katz, Zev Englermeir, Yirmi Pinkus, Amos Ellenbogen. Topical issues and old community concerns both found expression in this exhibition. The caricatures are satirical portraits of the many faces of Jerusalem, with all its problems, complexity and charm.

Exhibition Curator: Eran Litvin

The exhibition was presented in cooperation with The Israeli Cartoon Museum.


Exhibition Catalogue

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    Jerusalem in Caricatures

    Available in Hebrew, English, Arabic
    84 pages
    20 cm. x 29 cm.

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