Jerusalem.Passages I Fall 2015

In cooperation with the Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art

The exhibition, Jerusalem.Passages, presented the work of five leading Israeli and International artists. Motti Mizrachi and Sigalit Landau, who represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 1983 and 2011, Pablo Lobato – a photographer and video artist from Brazil, Yenin Shilo – an Israeli video artist who represented Israel at the Biennale in Florence this year and Dov Abramson – a leading Jerusalem designer of Jewish renewal. The works were selected by the Advisory Committee of the Biennale. These works are presented in the halls of the ancient Citadel, among significant archaeological remains, and allow for an ongoing dialogue that transports the visitor from the past to the present, from the physical space to the conscious space, from earthly Jerusalem to heavenly Jerusalem.

The Biennale is a stage for professional artists who connect contemporary art and the Jewish world of content. Two hundred local and international artists will participate in ten different exhibitions held in seven locations around Jerusalem. Another four exhibitions will be held in cooperation with the Biennale. The Biennale is supported both conceptually and financially by the Jerusalem Municipality.

The main objective of the Jerusalem Biennale is to enable contemporary artists from Israel and abroad to take a more significant role in talking about the Jewish world and the universal message of Judaism. Jerusalem, the most important center of the Jewish people, can and should be a global center of contemporary Jewish art.

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Works Exhibited at the Tower of David

Sigalit Landau – Wedding Dress
A series of photographs documenting the process of consolidation of crystals on a black dress in the depths of the Dead Sea. The dress is a copy of the dress worn by Lea, the heroine of the play The Dybbuk, played by the legendary actress Hanna Rovina over four decades on the theater stage. Throughout the summer of 2014 Sigalit Landau and Yotam Frum followed the gradual accumulation of salt crystals on the dress which was sunk in the depths. The crystals return the Hasidic black dress to its original intent- a wedding dress.

Motti Mizrachi – Engagement
Engagement is based on a poem by Alexander Penn – Land, My Land. In the center of the work is a large white dress, decorated with lace, floating five meters in the air. A work of sculpture is placed beneath the canopy of the dress and in the background, Penn’s poetry will play. The work was inspired by the floating bride and groom in Chagall’s painting and it plays with the tension between disclosure and hiding, the tension between moving up and down, the tension of waiting.

Yenin Shilo – Longing
Longing is composed of a series of seven video works and sound installation components. Shilo photographs the Mount of Olives and the Old City walls, buildings and ancient churches. In a slow and deliberate way, almost without moving the camera, he tracks the changing light and the prolonging of time. Human figures enter the frame and react as actors on a stage. The players are not aware of the existence of Shilo’s play and freely express their desires.

Dov Abramson – Project 70
According to Jewish tradition, Jerusalem has seventy names. Project 70 is a continuous investigation of form and place in Jerusalem today. Dov Abramson divides Jerusalem into seventy equal cells and reveals within them structures of form and space. Mosaics of graphic descriptions of the various cells re-create the city map as a concept.
Pablo Lobato – Distracted We Stand
Brazilian video artist Pablo Lobato has created a new video work specially for Biennale 2015. The work stems from an essay of 21 photographs of Israeli soldiers at rest. The uniformed bodies listen, in silence. The title, Disrupted We Stand, is also the title of a book by Brazilian poet Paulo Leminski. With this book, Leminski shows us a confidence in the body, beyond consciousness. The photographs were taken during Lobato’s May 2015 visit to Jerusalem.