Letters and More

Winter 2010

The use of the written alphabet is so central in our lives that it is taken for granted. But the story of the invention and development of alphabetic writing is the story of a revolution that changed the face of the world in terms of communication options. The exhibition, “Letters & More”, addressed one of the most important revolutions in communications in history; the invention of the alphabet.

As a city that is a mosaic of peoples and cultures, Jerusalem is also a patchwork of alphabets and languages. At times it seems as though Jerusalem is the Tower of Babel. Throughout history, various conquerors have overtaken and ruled the city, bringing a large collection of languages and scripts with them – Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Geez to name but a few. A large proportion of the languages brought over the many centuries of the city’s long and colorful history are still used on a daily basis today in the Old City. The differences often seem greater than what they have in common. Even though these alphabets developed in different places, they all share a single source: the system of signs that was born here, in Canaan, the land of the meeting of cultures, 3,700 years ago.

The development of the alphabet brought writing out of the hands of experts. Alphabetic writing allowed the expression of opinions, feelings and ideas, and the dissemination of knowledge and documentation.

The exhibition showed that the contemporary world of symbols, images and shapes actually also existed in the past and asked if the world is going back to the days when the media was based on symbols?

“Letters and More” presented the alphabet through interactive games, creative arts, videos and unique installations. The exhibition was designed by Yaal Tevet and Roy Roth of Roth/ / Tevet> Experience Design.

Exhibition Curators: Liat Margalit and Sara Rozenfeld


Exhibition Catalogue

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    Letters and More

    Available in Hebrew, English, Arabic
    35 pages
    15 cm. x 21 cm.

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