Local Goddesses

Spring 1994

From Ancient Goddesses to Today’s Mythological Women

The exhibition was dedicated to the woman-goddess through the ages and invited the visitor to join a fascinating journey into history…, to the forgotten realms of religion and ritual imbued with powerful and magical symbols. Dozens of images of goddesses, from the pre-historic grain goddess to the Hebrew pioneering woman, were showcased in the exhibition. They represented the image of woman and her characteristics from pre-monotheistic times until today. Three thousand years of ritual and belief in Jerusalem provided a retrospective on the dynamic reciprocity between symbol and culture and social structures as reflected in the imagery of woman.

The exhibition demonstrated that the feminine goddess who had been worshiped by humanity through generations was more than merely a maternal and sexual symbol: sometimes she is a creator and sometimes a destroyer; a coveted lover and yet a pure virgin; ugly and beautiful; terrible and wonderful. The exhibition combined a visual experience with an up-to-date message and united all the goddesses of all times – those of yesterday and those of today – under the same roof.

As part of the exhibition, top Israeli artists presented the goddesses with offerings. Fifteen artists, including Gideon Oberson, Tzahi Bukshteter, Gil Bachar, the late Izika Gaon and others presented a special gift to the goddess of their choice – a gift which both suited the goddess and symbolized her. The project was done in collaboration with the Ascola design gallery.

Exhibition Curator: Debby Hershman

Exhibition Catalogue

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