Seal of Solomon

Fall 1995

The exhibition revolved around the Seal of Solomon, a universal symbol which appears in many cultures and various geographical and historical spaces. The exhibition showcased dozens of works of art including Muslim miniatures, charms, jewelry and tools decorated with the Seal of Solomon.

The “Seal of Solomon” is the name of a geometric shape composed of two intertwined opposing triangles. This star is a symbol rich with meaning, believed by many worldwide to possess supernatural powers – a belief dating back to ancient times. Jews have been referring to this shape as the “Star of David” for centuries.

Through the symbol of the seal, the exhibition sought to investigate the character of King Solomon with whom the Seal of Solomon was indisputably associated, and examine how he made his mark on the culture and art of the three religions in Jerusalem. The exhibition presented cultural junctures in engineering, cosmology, medicine, architecture and music at the busy cultural crossroads of the Islamic countries.

Exhibition Curator: Rachel Milstein