Spring 2007

The Soundscapes exhibition brought together an archaeological site, music, design and technology and created a sensual, multi-sensory experience of sound, movement and light. The Citadel’s acoustic vista was reinforced by dozens of musical instruments including a harp, a drum, cymbals, a contrabass, an organ and percussion instruments. The oversized, extraordinary musical instruments which were designed and set up especially for the exhibition blended into the citadel’s courtyard, the water cisterns and the arrow slits in the walls, and appeared to be an integral part of the location.

The instruments played at different times, inviting the visitors to tour among the sounds which emerged, live, from every corner. Automatic mechanisms controlled by sophisticated computers played the instruments: mechanical arms plucked the harp, beat the percussion instruments and drums and rang the bells, creating a clearly visible connection between what is heard and the instrument’s action.

The installation and instruments were designed and planned by Yaal Tevet and Roy Roth of the Roth // Tevet Studio, renowned experts in creating spaces in the spirit of experience design. Didi Fire composed and arranged the music using a special computer program which connects the musical piece with the operating mechanisms on the instruments themselves. The lighting, designed by Amir Brenner was built into the design of the installation. It reacted to the instruments and the music and lit up the sounds.

Exhibition Curators: Renee Sivan and Liat Margalit