Fall 2011

The exhibition, ‘Souvenirs’, explored the mementos that were left to us by history. It used these keepsakes to trace historical and imaginary stories about Jerusalem and the personalities who lived in the city through the ages. The exhibition was composed of contemporary art works exhibited in spaces scattered throughout the citadel of the Tower of David and was part of “Manofim – Art Rising in Jerusalem”.

Participating artists: Ori Aviram, Aya Ben-Ron, Haim Ben Shitrit, Adam Berg, Yael Bartana, Michael Kessus Gdaliovich, Dana Gillerman, Tsila Hassine, Raj Ibrahim Jihar, Talia Link, Daniel Meir and Noam Rotem, Motti Mizrachi, Ido Michaeli, Ziv Neeman, Simha Talalevsky, Merhav Yeshoron, Tamir Zadok, Edan Zeira.

Curator: Michael Kessus Gdaliovich