Suspicious Object

Summer 2013

Industrial Design Inspired by Jerusalem

Jerusalem has some good days and some less good days – and Jerusalemites know how to cope with both. On the good days the word object can mean an interesting find or a souvenir of a great experience in visiting the city. On a less good day, the word changes and can mean a suspicion of menace and threat.

The exhibition featured the work of designers inspired by the city of Jerusalem, works both exhibited in the past and those that were created specifically for the exhibition. The designers chose to treat the familiar symbols of the city – buildings, streets and neighborhoods, as well as its stories and smells. There is no doubt that the city of Jerusalem is an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration that contains thought-provoking stimuli capable of stoking multiple bursts of creativity.

Curator: Tal Gur

Exhibition Catalogue

  • hefets-new

    Suspicious Object

    Available in Hebrew, English, Arabic
    36 pages
    20 cm. x 20 cm.

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