The Camera Man I Summer 2016

The exhibition “The Camera Man – Women and Men Photograph Jerusalem 1900-1950” focused on the major photographers who lived and worked in Jerusalem during the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition took an original look at this complex and fascinating city and presented the visual work of the photographers who worked here, illustrating how they saw the city and how the city was reflected in their work.

“The Camera Man” shed light on historical photography in Jerusalem at a time when the field of photography in Israel and around the world has undergone many changes. It revealed an untold chapter in the history of photography in the Land of Israel.

The exhibition highlighted the unique and complex human and cultural heritage of the city and for the first time will offer a complete look at the photographic work in Jerusalem of Christians, Jews and Muslims between the years 1900- 1950. These photographs show the unique way that each photographer documented the many faces of Jerusalem. Many photographers recorded the Jerusalem residents of different communities; some were hired by institutions and organizations to photograph various historical events that occurred in the city and some were artists who sought to honor the unique faces of Jerusalem.

Curator: Dr. Shimon Lev
Associate Curator: Hamutal Wachtel
Design: Ido Brono and Danny Hochberg
Consultant: Tzila Hayun
Production: Hotam
Director and Chief Curator, Tower of David Museum: Eilat Liber

Opening: May.2016                           Closing: January.31.2017

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Come to Art App - Join a behind the scenes audio tour with curator of the exhibition, Dr. Shimon Lev.Join a behind the scenes audio tour with curator of the exhibition, Dr. Shimon Lev.
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Muzeums App - Discover how the city has changed and find the differences betweenold photographs and the way the sites look today

Discover how the city has changed and find the differences betweenold photographs and the way the sites look today.
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The Studio in the Spice Garden >

Welcome to Studio Orient: A journey through time in the Museum photo studio: Dress up as charaters from the last century using costumes, props and different backgrounds

The Street Gallery at the Clal Bulding, 97 Jaffa Street >

The Tower of David Museum has gone beyond it walls and for the first time is displaying an exhibition in the public space. As part of the new exhibition, a selection of photographs that relate to life on the streets of the city will be exhibited in the plaza in front of the Clal Building on Jaffa Road.

The exhibition is in cooperation with Eden – Jerusalem Center Development Company

A catalog was accompany the exhibition that will include selected photographs from the exhibition and dozens of photos that will be published for the first time as well as articles by Dr. Shimon Lev, Dr. Lavi Shai and Meir Appelfeld.

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