Summer 2013

Contemporary design inspired by the women who influenced the history of Jerusalem
Fashion Project

This unique fashion design exhibition focused on a subject which usually remains in the shadows of the great historical stories of Jerusalem. The seemingly minor issue of what clothing the men and women of Jerusalem wore through the ages is actually fascinating. Can one understand the city and its inhabitants in various periods through the clothing, textiles, head coverings, jewelry and shoes that they wore?

The exhibition presented interesting personalities in the history of the city; women like the Queen of Sheba, Empress Helena, Hemdah Ben-Yehuda and others of whom we have a visual expression – through archaeological finds, manuscripts, wall paintings, and modern photos or articles in newspapers. Even this constitutes a statement, because these women, fascinating and influential as they were, were “pushed” to the edge of the main story. This exhibition gave expression to their position and focused on their clothing as an integral part of their essence.

In parallel, a number of top Israeli fashion designers were asked to select historical figures and design modern-day outfits inspired by the spirit, activities and influence of these women on Jerusalem. The designs were worn by contemporary models in different sites throughout the city – in character and in historical context.

Curator and Photographer: Tamar Karavan

Exhibition Catalogue