Through the Lattice

Spring 1994

Contemporary Israeli Art in the Ancient Arrow Slits

The exhibition “Through the Lattice” offered an extraordinary, daring treatment of the arrow slits in the citadel’s walls. The alcoves set inside the walls, which were used long ago for shooting arrows, spilling boiling oil over the enemies below and as lookout posts for snipers, were offered to the artists as posts for expressing their art. The slits were transformed into a space out of time and became disconnected from the role they fulfilled in their distant military past.

Sixteen contemporary Israeli artists from the painting, sculpting, video, installation and performance fields mounted works of art in the spaces set inside the wall: Jennifer Bar Lev, Yossi Berger, Nehama Golan, Eli Gur Aryeh, Tamar Getter, Pessi Girsh, Sharon Herodi, Ori Katzenstein, Dvora Morag, Tzvika Cantor, Tamar Raban, Dani Reisner, Booky Schwartz, Nety Shamia-Ofer.

Each of the alcoves was home to a fascinating relationship between the ancient space, the work of art and the viewer. At the same time, the arrow slits allowed a peak into the busy Old City below, which added yet another dimension to the artwork. The processes of creating and installing the pieces in the arrow slits were documented and compiled in a video tape which was used as the exhibition’s catalogue.

The exhibition was held as part of the Art Focus project.

Exhibition Curator: Nehama Golan