The Temple Mount – an Up Close Look

Guided tour of the Temple Mount and the exhibit “The Mount” – special opportunity to see the Temple Mount from up close!

Dates of the Tour:

January: 23.1 | 29.1

February: 3.2 | 13.2 | 17.2 | 27.2

Tour starts:  7:00 am

Tour Length:  4 hours (including tour on Temple Mount and visit to the exhibit at the museum)

Tour is in Hebrew

The Temple Mount, with the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque, is the most prominent and distinct symbol on the skyline of Jerusalem.  The rectangular complex measures 150,000 square meters and occupies one-sixth of the area of the Old City of Jerusalem. Today, the golden Dome of the Rock, surrounding the Foundation Stone, and al-Aqsa mosque, situated at the southern end of the complex, are considered some of the most architecturally beautiful and impressive buildings in the world. During the daily routine of the place, you can see masses gathering to pray, groups of tourists from across the world listening hungrily to the explanations of guides, and even children from the Moslem quarter playing soccer in the courtyards of the holy compound. But behind these every day sights, sits a multi-faceted symbol and the central most important holy space in the Middle East, both religiously and politically.

In celebration of the exhibit – “The Mount – a Photographic Journey to the Temple Mount 1839-2019” which is being featured now at the museum, we will depart for a special tour on the Temple Mount during which we will tour the length and breadth of the complex and hear exciting stories of the historic buildings there.  We will conclude the tour with a visit to the exhibit “The Mount” at the museum.

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Guide:  Ofra Regev

Cost:  Adults 90 NIS | Israeli Senior Citizen / Student 80 NIS

Dress:  Modest dress required; no tight jeans, no exposed cleavage, no clothing with army/political writing.

Long, ankle-length pants for everyone.

Women – long sleeves; men – elbow-length sleeves.

Sandals are allowed.

The Exhibition is closing on February 2020 >>