Hackathon – Judging criteria

The Tower of David and iJerusalem are proud to present the first of its kind – a Hackathon inside an ancient citadel!


Judging criteria:

  • Innovation and originality
  • The degree of influence (impact)
  • User experience (including creating engagment)
  • Programming (economic feasibility and prospects)
  • Teamwork (tongoing eam work and product development capabilities)


Contest Rules:

1. Team:

Up to 6 participants per team (2 participants minimum)

You can come with a pre-organized team or form a team in the competition itself

It is recommended that you assemble a team with the required roles and capabilities: developer, designer, etc.

The Hackathon staff will not fill in for missing capabilities. Responsibility for the composition of the team lies with the participants only

2. Development of the project:

It is advised to install the required software before the competition.

The competition emphasizes developing the project during the competition.

Please note that you can come to the competition with a venture that is starting to take shape but not with a ready product

All projects are judged in equal and identical categories.

On the day of the competition the challenges regarding development of a learning environment and the virtual visitor experience will be explained

3. Mentors:

Mentors from various fields will participate in the event and will move between the teams offering help and advice.

The teams themselves are responsible for contacting the mentors if needed.

Mentors do not participate in the judicial process and their role is completely neutral

4. Copyright:

The initiatives are registered and owned by the project team only.

If the project team wants help in developing the project in conjunction with the museum, there will be a meeting set up to set up a framework of mutual cooperation.

5.  All project presentations must be submitted on April 8 at 9:30 am exactly at the Tower of David.

Project presentation will be held on the same day and will end at the latest at 14:00

6.  There may be media and journalist coverage during the competition. The Hackathon staff may may post photos, stories and interviews with the participants, names and descriptions of initiatives during the competition. They will also post photos and videos on social networks. If there is a particular problem, you must consult with the management team and consideration will be given to the issue and answered accordingly.

7. Vibe

The competition is a festival of development and creativity, networking and community and its goal is to inspire and connect people around a fun and interesting process. So let’s enjoy and develop great things together. It will be amazing!!!


Sponsors and Partners


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