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Series of Online lectures about Zionism and Israel’s War of Independence - from a Jerusalem Perspective (In Hebrew)

Tour Guide Moshe Harmatz leads 5 online lectures about Zionism and Israel’s War of Independence - from a Jerusalem Perspective, in honor of the upcoming national Israeli holidays:  Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Jerusalem Day.


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Some important details
All the lectures will be broadcast live between 6:00 - 7:30 pm
* lectures will NOT be taped
Lecture length
1 hr 15 minutes + time for questions at the end
series of 5 lectures - 150 NIS
individual lecture - 40 NIS
Sunday | April 4, 2021
In Front of the Glass Box - the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem
The story behind the bringing of the architect of the “Final Solution”, Adolf Eichmann, to trial
Sunday | April 11, 2021
The Gush Etzion Chapter of the Independence War
“If Jewish Jerusalem exists, then that credit is due to the fighters of Gush Etzion.”  (Ben Gurion)
Sunday | April 18, 2021
Battles of Latrun | The open wound of the Independence War
The 5 failed attempts to capture the Latrun compound from the hands of the Jordanian Forces
Sunday | April 25, 2021
I am Standing on the Walls - The story of the Jewish Quarter in 1948
The dramatic events which unfolded in the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter during the War of Independence and the trauma of the Quarter’s capture
Tuesday | May 4, 2021
Zion in Zionism - the Zionist Policy on the Question of Jerusalem between 1937-1949
The issue of Jerusalem as the Zionist Capital City