The Chabad Hassidism

Many Faces –  Tours about communities and families in Jerusalem (Heb.)

Thursday I 14.9.17 I at 17:00

A tour of the Chabad housing project that was established in the 60’s on the order of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. We will hear about the neighborhood, its special institutions and central figures in the neighborhood.

We will meet a Chabbad Shaliach who will tell us the story of the Chabad Hassidism today. We will continue into another housing cooperative, Kiryat Sanz, in which we will hear the story of an Admor who survived the death camp in Auschwitz and continued the path of Hasidism.

We will pass through the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Geula and finish our tour at Beit Or Chaya – a unique educational institute for women and young women from the Chabad community.

Guide: Naama Nisani

  • Participants must be dressed modestly (men: Kippa and long pants, women: skirt, sleeves)
  • Adult 90 NIS, Student / Senior  80  NIS
  • Meeting place will be given after booking
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