Many Faces

Guided Tours following the different communities and families of Jerusalem

Jerusalem has many faces – the cultures and religions that have existed in the city throughout the years have created unique mosaic of different peoples.

In the series of guided tours “Its Many Faces” we will become acquainted with the stories of different people in the city and discover the fascinating stories of the different communities living in Jerusalem.

Each meeting of “Its Many Faces” combines a tour in the neighborhood or the site of one of the communities of the city as well as a meeting face to face of a member of the community who will give us a close peek into the community in which he or she lives.

Guided Tours in Hebrew


Urfan and Aleppo Jews I Thursday, 6.9.2018 I at 17:00

אורפלים וחלביים: סיור פנים רבות לה

Tour in the neighborhood of Nachlaot focusing on Arabic speaking Jewish communities.  We will return to the time of the founding of these ancient communities which existed for hundreds of years in Aleppo, Syria, and Urfa, Turkey.  We will learn about their

unique customs, visit a small, family synagogue and meet the poet Roni Ish-Ran, who will tell us about their many different musical traditions.  Additionally, we will enjoy various liturgical poems connected with the days of Selichot (forgiveness).

Guide: Poet Roni Ish-Ran (who grew up in the Nachlaot neighborhood) and Edna Asis.

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Russian Christian Community I Friday, 19.10.2018 I at 10:00

הרוסים הנוצרים: סיור פנים רבות לה

In the 19th century, Russia was already an influential empire, which worked to advance their culture in the Holy Land. Our tour will focus on “New Jerusalem” – one of the first compounds built outside of the walls of the Old City.

We will visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Russian Compound and Sergei Court, which was part of the complex which governed independently over the Russian settlement including: a church, hospital, bathhouses, post office and hostel.

Guide: Father Roman Gottlieb

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The Bukharan Jews I Thursday, 15.11.2018 I at 17:00

הקהילה הבוכרית: סיור פנים רבות לה

The neighborhood of “Rechovot”, better known as the “Bukharan neighborhood”. We will hear about the Bukharan community and its origins through interesting key personalities who lived in the neighborhood. Until today, the impressive alleyways preserve the beauty
and unique character of the neighborhood which has become ultra-orthodox  over the years.

We will visit the central buildings including: the home of Rabbi Kadourie, the synagogue of the Jews from Yazd and Mashhad, the palace and more.

Guide: Dr. Eliyahu Aharon

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The Eastern Catholics I Thursday, 13.12.2018 I at 10:00

קתולים מזרחים 775x3502

A tour of the complexes of the Eastern Catholic, Christian sects unique to the Middle East. We will visit the Greek Catholic center and the Eastern Catholic churches, and have the privilege of entering the Syrian Catholic center usually hidden from the public.
During the tour we will discover their exceptional, unusual story which combines traditions from the Eastern Orthodox church with the acceptance of the supremacy of the Pope in Rome.

We will come to know the unique origin of the Greek Catholics, the Maronites, the Armenian Catholics and the Syrian Catholics, which developed their own moving liturgies.

Guide: Aviv Herzlich

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Price for a tour + meeting: 90 NIS for an adult | 80 NIS senior citizen/student

Price for the complete series (6 meetings + tours): 450 NIS for an adult | 400 senior citizen/student

The Fine Print:

  • Session Duration 3 hours
  • Sign up by calling *2884 or on the website . The Reservations Centre operates Sunday to Thursday from 08:00-16:00.
  • Notice of the meeting place will be sent via email upon registration.
  • Cancellation policy:
    No fee if cancelled at least 4 business days before the meeting
    50% fee if cancelled 1-4 days prior to the meeting date
    Full fee if cancelled the day of the meeting
  • The Tower of David Museum reserves the right to make changes in the program / series, and to replace and / or add lecturer
  • Due to unforeseen constraints there may be changes in the dates of the meetings. In this case, every effort will be made by the Tower of David to notify all applicants of the change in advance