Mars – Augmented Reality Experience @ the Tower of David

How about joining forces to fight the Romans? Or taking a selfie with King David? AR technology makes it all possible!

The Tower of David Museum is forging ahead with new technologies to let everyone experience the wonders of Jerusalem and actually be a part of history as it comes to life.  Now, you can take a trip through time to experience the breathtaking stories of Jerusalem and the Tower of David from Biblical times through the Roman period all the way to modern times.

MARS (Mixed & Augmented Reality) is a new and innovative technology start-up that has developed a unique product for the Tower of David that allows the user to play, learn, tour and even take a selfie with different characters on a digital tablet. The unique MARS technology  allows for the user to  personally adjust  each experience in real time and offers families, adults and children a one-of-a -kind historical and digital experience.

קו מקווקוMARS has developed a unique project in collaboration with the TOD Innovation Lab of the Tower of David Museum. The TOD Lab is the world’s first advanced innovation lab located in an historic citadel and is one of the pioneers of innovation labs in  museums. Operated with the support of the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Lab brings together startups, entrepreneurs and high-tech companies to develop new imaging and visualization tools to enhance the museum visitor experience. The tools developed in the laboratory use the world’s most interactive means to present the story of Jerusalem and to upgrade the visitor experience. Together MARS and TOD have created an exceptional link between innovation and technology to history, tradition and archaeology.קו מקווקו