Cemeteries In an Eternal City

Tour Series Focusing on Jerusalem’s Cemeteries

May – June 2019

As Jerusalem developed over the centuries, many cemeteries were built on the slopes and the mountains around the city.  The tombstones and the graves tell fascinating stories about the people and events that occured in the city all through history.

The tour explores Jerusalem’ws cemeteries on a journey through the history of the city and the nation.


Mount of Olives

Friday, May 17, 2019, 10:00 am

Tour of the Jewish cemeteries on the Mount of Olives

The Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives is the most ancient Jewish cemetery in the world, and the main Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem until 1948.

Well known figures of Jewish history were buried here throughout the years. Against the backdrop of the sweeping view of the Old City of Jerusalem, we will tour the cemetery and hear the fascinating stories of the Jews who are buried there, including underground fighters, rabbis, writers and even one prime minister.

Guide: Sara Barnea

Price: 100 NIS / Adult, 90 NIS / Israeli Senior Citizen, Student. Price includes bus transport to the Mount of Olives

  • Meeting point will be provided at the time of registration
  • Tour is in Hebrew
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Mt. Zion

Friday, May 31, 10:00 am

Tour of the Cemeteries on Mt. Zion

The great importance of Mt. Zion to Judaism, Christianity and Islam has transformed it into a fascinating place where innumerable stories, legends and graves dwell together.

In this one small area, are cemeteries connected to different religions and communities. The tour visits Catholic, Armenian, Greek, and Protestant cemeteries and the Dajani family Cemetery as well as the Jewish Samboski Cemetery.

There are stories about Poles who helped the Etzel and were murdered by the Lechi, about the head of the British Mission who was also a Rabbi and a butcher, about the mysterious cave where stones from the Western Wall were hidden, and many other stories.

Guide: Nir Ortal

Cost: 90 NIS for adult/ 80 NIS for Israeli Seniors and Students

  • Tour is in Hebrew
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From Sheikh Badr to Shaare Zedek A

Friday, June 14, 2019, 10:00 am

Tour of the Cemeteries in West Jerusalem

Sheikh Badr and Shaare Zedek A are two of the “temporary” cemeteries which were established during the Independence War in Jerusalem, when burial on the Mount of Olives was dangerous, and even at times impossible.

The tour tells the stories of those who were buried in these “temporary” cemeteries, some who merited a reburial and some who are not even remembered by a tombstone. It includes stories of those who were not granted a final resting place and after the Independence War were brought to other cemeteries in the city.

Through the stories of Jerusalem’s fallen, we will gain a better appreciation of Jerusalem in the 1950’s.

Guide: Yehoshua Lavi

Cost: 90 NIS for adult/ 80 NIS for Israeli Seniors and Students

  • Tour is in Hebrew
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Friday, June 28, 2019, 10:00 am

Tour of the Cemeteries of Sanhedriya

In the old Sanhedriya neighborhood there are two cemeteries: Sanhedriya Memorial Park and the modern Sanhedriya cemetery. The tour will visit Sanhedriya Memorial Park and the graves which are connected to the days of the Second Temple. It will explore how these tombs became associated with the Sanhedrin, and what the role ancient cemeteries play in the modern age.

The tour continues to the modern cemetery which was established in the 20th century and explains the rationale for its establishment, about the first people who were buried there and about famous personalities who were buried there throughout the years.

Guide: Shmuel Bahat

Cost: 90 NIS for adult/ 80 NIS for Israeli Seniors and Students

  • Tour is in Hebrew
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The Fine Print:

  • Tours duration: 3 hours
  • Sign up by calling *2884 or on the website www.tod.org.il. The Reservations Centre operates Sunday to Thursday from 08:00-16:00.
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