Masah Series: Jerusalem Rebuilt – The Great Builders of Jerusalem

Game of Thrones I Crusader Architecture of Art and Intrigue

By MASAH: Meetings, Series of Lectures, and Highpoints of Jerusalem (Eng.)

Friday | April.28 | 10:00 am

Jerusalem from Crusader times was a city of remarkable contrasts: on the one hand, the bloody wars were the backdrop to the formidable fortresses that were built under the cross of the Crusader knights and Christian spirituality, on the other hand the city saw the creation of beautiful buildings with an influx of fine art items and luxury objects that came from overseas. The guided tour in English will take participants from Mount Zion to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre exploring both the lives of the knights and kings, queen and bishops as well as the daily lives of the pilgrims and simple fighters Crusader city.

 Tour Guide: Neta Bodner, an expert in the Crusader period and Crusader architecture

Price: 90 NIS adults/ 80 ₪ student / senior citizens (includes entry to different sites)

Duration: 3 hours

  • The meeting place will be given at time of booking
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