Guardians of the Holy Tomb

Friday | December 13 | 10:00 am

Masa Tour Series – The People, Communities, and Places in Byzantine Jerusalem

קו מקווקו

Tour of the Old City focusing on the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchy that continues the traditions of the Byzantine church, and is the largest, oldest and most important of the churches in Jerusalem. Under the Patriarchy, dozens of different monasteries, churches, businesses, and institutions cater to pilgrims and local Christians. The tour presents the rich history and the many upheavals in the Patriarchy under changing rule, resulting in individual exile and return to Jerusalem.  It will also examine the challenges the church is faces today in the relationships between the clergy and the community and tension surrounding the property and real estate owned by the Church.

Guide:  Aviv Herzlich

Tour Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 90 NIS / 80 NIS

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