In the footsteps of Jesus

The man, his life and the people who were close to him

November – December 2018

A series following in the footsteps of one of the central personalities in the faith and culture of millions of people around the world.

We will delve into the life of Jesus and try to understand the traditions and the dilemmas of the believers over the course of hundreds of years.

We will get to know the personalities of those who were close to him such as John, his cousin, his mother, Mary, who fell into an eternal sleep awaiting his return, and the first community which operated in Jerusalem before Christianity spread to the larger world.



Friday I December 28 I 09:00

Tour focusing on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who is wrapped in tradition and mystery in Christianity.
We will hear legends of her birth and her childhood, and examine what the Jews thought about her in comparison to how Christianity viewed her.

We will visit Dormition Abbey, the place of her dormition – sleeping – on Mt. Zion and the remains of the magnificent Nea Church which was built in her honor by the emperor Justinian the Great. We will enter the small Greek church in the monastery Megali Panagia – the Great Mother of God – which marks the place where Mary stood during the crucifixion.

Guide: Dovele Nutkevich

  • Cost: 90 NIS for adults / 80 NIS for Israeli Senior Citizens and Students
  • Modest dress required
  • Tour is in Hebrew
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