Meetings, Series of Lectures, and Highpoints of Jerusalem (Heb.)

Jerusalem. One city – the whole world. A city of beliefs and traditions where within the beautiful alleyways lies a complex and intriguing world of people, stories and cultures.
The Tower of David Museum brings you the stories, tastes, sounds and ideas of the city and invites you to MASAH – a new series of meetings, lectures and tours. You are invited to meet Jerusalem and get to know it anew and a little differently each time.


November - December 2017: Holy City

The Sanctity of Jerusalem for the Three Monotheistic Religions

Most of the holy sites in the world are holy for just one religion yet Jerusalem is holy for the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each of the religions has a different narrative with respect to the sanctity of the city. How did it come about that a small and distant city became the city of holiness and the navel of the world?

This is a series of tours in Jerusalem that will explore the sanctity of Jerusalem and different traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • The End of Days at the Mount of Olives: Traditions from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • The Choice of Jerusalem: The Sanctity of Jerusalem in Judaism
  • Holy Geography: The Holy Sites in Jerusalem in Christianity
  • Jerusalem’s Praises: The Sanctity of Jerusalem in Islam

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January - February 2018: Jerusalem Rebuilt

The Great Builders of Jerusalem – Part II

Throughout its different periods, Jerusalem has had many rulers and the pages of history written about Jerusalem are replete with conquests, religious expeditions, and battle cries. Those who ruled in Jerusalem throughout the generations left their mark in the city in the form of fortresses, churches, mosques, giant pools, ancient walls, or world wonders, some of which still exist today.

This is a series of tours in Jerusalem that will explore the magnificent building that has taken place in the city from the city’s early days until today.

  • The Great Caesars of Jerusalem: The Four Women Who Molded Byzantine Jerusalem
  • The Early Days of Jerusalem: The Builders of Jerusalem from King David to Nehemiah
  • The Mamluks: The Mamluk Builders of Jerusalem
  • One Hundred Years of English Architecture: The British Buildings in Jerusalem

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March - April 2018: A Trip Inside a Map

The Ancient Maps of Jerusalem

Today, we practically don’t drive anywhere without Waze or Google Maps. Because of the religious importance of Jerusalem, Jerusalem is featured in maps all over the world.

This is a series of tours in Jerusalem that will explore ancient maps, the maps’ creators, and how Jerusalem looked during the different periods.

  • Between the Stones of the Mosaic: The Madaba Map
  • To the Right of the Navel of the World: Maps of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages
  • Secrets and Mysteries in the Jerusalem Walls: General Wilson and the “Benchmarks” in Jerusalem
  • A Bird’s-Eye View of Jerusalem: The Illés Model and the Conrad Schick Models

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May - June 2018: The City's Nights

Nightlife and Recreation in Jerusalem (on Thursdays)

Jerusalem is not only a city of architecture, holy sites, and prayer. It is also a city of recreation and in the past years there has been an unprecedented bloom of the city’s nightlife. As a result of Jerusalem’s diverse population, there are many different, and surprising, places of recreation. Each sector has a different recreation area and its own unique recreation culture.

This is a series of tours in Jerusalem that will explore the places and types of recreation of the city’s different cultures.

  • From Pink to Feingold: The Nightlife in the Jerusalem Triangle
  • The Eastern Jerusalem Nights: Types of Recreation in the Muslim and Christian Communities
  • “And Your Faith During the Nights”: The Nightlife on the Haredi Street
  • The Concealed Parts of the Jerusalem Marketplace: The Tumultuous Nightlife of the Mahane Yehuda Marketplace

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The Fine Print:

• Session Duration 3 hours
• 25% discount on the additional series for those signing up for more than one
• Sign up by calling *2884 or on the website . The Reservations Centre operates Sunday to Thursday from 08:00-16: 00.
• Notice of the meeting place will be sent via email upon registration.
• Cancellation policy:
No fee if cancelled at least 4 business days before the meeting
50% fee if cancelled 1-4 days prior to the meeting date
Full fee if cancelled the day of the meeting
• The Tower of David Museum reserves the right to make changes in the program / series, and to replace and / or add lecturer
• Due to unforeseen constraints there may be changes in the dates of the meetings. In this case, every effort will be made by the Tower of David to notify all applicants of the change in advance