Tod Lab


Appearia making the AApperariaR/VR technologies available and affordable for all kind of business. Our goal is to motivate any kind of business in any field to make use of the AR/VR technology. Both of the founders were sitting together and thought of how much it doesn’t make sense that in 2017, the AR/VR technologies, which can be useful for so many purposes and answer so many business and individual needs, are still not available for widespread use.

So the developed a platform that allows any kind business to share publish any kind of AR content in a most convenient way.

Go to this link: to download the app and then scan the image to view the Kishle video on your device.

Founders: Eyal Dorn , Alon Dorn


“The Tower of David Innovation Lab reflects the uniqueness of Jerusalem at its best – a combination of the city’s ancient history together with a renaissance of innovation and creativity. We see this as a great opportunity to show the expertise that the Tower of David Museum has in all the various aspects of visitor experience in museums, tourist sites and those of national heritage and create innovative ways to enhance it”
Mr Ze’ev Elkin, Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage

Supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority