Personal Pages: Meet the Author

Jerusalem has been written about, explored, dissected, and analyzed in thousands upon thousands of books in different languages across the world over thousands of years. The city has been used as the backdrop for romantic novels, epic sagas, intrigue and crime.

The Tower of David is proud to produce a new series of meetings together with the Times of Israel “Personal Pages: Meet the Author” where two authors will be up close and personal!

  • The conversations will be in English

Jessica Steinberg and Shirley Graetz

Monday, June.19 I at 19:00

Jessica Steinberg is the Culture and Lifestyle editor of The Times of Israel and writes on Israeli food, architecture and culture for a wide range of publications. “Not This Turkey,” a picture book for young readers about two brothers who befriend a turkey shortly before Thanksgiving, is her first book.

Shirley Graetz has a PhD in Assyriology, the study of ancient texts written in cuneiform on clay tablets, and lectures on the lifestyle and culture of ancient women. Her first book, “She Wrote on Clay,” tells the story of a young woman scribe nearly 4,000 years ago on the banks of the Euphrates. She is also the author of a new series of mythological adventure books for children “Young Gilgamesh” (in Hebrew) .

Online Tickets

  • Preferable to purchase tickets in advance.
  • Price: 50 NIS
  • Ticket-holders will be entitled to Sound & Light tickets for 40 NIS
  • Lectures will take place in the Crusaders Hall