Choosing an Alternate Reality

September 19-20

23 hours of music at the Tower of David

For one whole day, international music unites people at the Tower of David.

Music is always a powerful, direct route, and the most simple way to connect between peoples. This yשear Mekudeshet comes to provide music which can accomplish much more than just connection.  Music which can touch hearts and melt away boundaries. Music which can form a shared base and offer us all a rhythm which is equal, inclusive and open, in the city that we all share. This year we have concentrated musical performances of Mekudeshet into 23 hours of international musical experiences to bring people together at the Tower of David, perhaps the most beautiful and holy stage in the world.

It will begin at dusk with iconic African music and continue to an authentic reggae fantasy; we will gather steam for a groovy, rhythmic all-night event in the museum spaces and carry over into a sunrise performance which concentrates our present experience.

The event will come to a climax with a Friday celebration full of joy and award-winning stars who represent Israeli sound in the last decade through Mediterranean guitar music.

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