Song of the Mount

Tuesday| January 7, 14 , 21 | 7:00 pm

Cultural poetry meetings inspired by “The Mount” Exhibition and the Mashiv Haruach Journal issue – The Mount, Home in our Hands.

Three meetings on three Tuesdays in January 2020
*The meetings and the Journal issue are in Hebrew.

קו מקווקו2‘The Mount A Photographic Journey to the Temple Mount 1839 – Until our Time’ exhibition presents almost 200 years of photographic expression and documentation of one of the holiest and most controversial locations in the world. For more than 3000 years, the Mount has been a source of both comfort and conflict for millions of people all over the world. It stirs strong religious, political and moral feelings and spurs research in the fields of history, archaeology and culture. The exhibition also presents the Temple Mount from a “down-to-earth” perspective – that of the city’s residents and tourists who choose to visit one of the most controversial landmarks in the Middle East.

‘The Mountain, Home in our Hands” issue of the Mashiv Haruach Poetry Journal, stems from the same many-faceted perspective of the exhibition, “The Mount” and the dualistic nature of the feelings it evokes. The poems in the issue and the conference paint words that are both soft and brittle, recognized and surprising, apparent and concealed – all connected to the Mount, Home and the Temple.

In these meetings taking place at “The Mount” exhibition, we will present a moving and contemporary look at some of the varied voices of 50 published writers who took part in this unique issue and will incorporate poetry, song and spoken word performers.

Each evening will feature the poet and peace activist Eliezer Cohen, an editor on this issue, alongside creators and guests who will read from the works published in the issue.

Price: 40 NIS

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A combination ticket for two nights is available for 60 NIS, phone order only – *2884
Limited amount of tickets available due to space restriction, order your ticket in advance.

קו מקווקו2

Jan. 7

The Temple Mount as a creative inspiration, and on the idea of building an “alternative Temple”
A talk with the poet Eliezer Cohen
With Dr. Shimon Lev, the Exhibition curator, and the poets Shachar-Mario Mordechai and Yiftat Israel

Music and performance by Yifat Israel

Jan 14

Jerusalem and Al- Quds, the Temple Mount and Al-Haram A-Sharif, Hebrew and Arabic
A talk with poet and performer Yonatan Konda, an editor of the issue.
With the poets Hanah Kremer and Amichai Hason.

Music and performance by Yonatan Konda.

Jan 21

The Great Opportunity We Have, in the Holy Presence of the Temple Mount
A talk with rabbi-poet Tamar Elad Appelbaum, Founder of Zion – an Eretz Yisraeli Community in Jerusalem.
With the poets: Yossi Suede and Tamar-Devorah Kehat-Shur

Music by: Yossi Suede

קו מקווקו2

Established in 1994, Mashiv HaRuach is contributing to the building of a rich and diverse Jewish Israeli culture, which is creative, innovative, and all the while steeped in the richness of Jewish heritage and tradition. Mashiv Haruach is at the meeting point between modernity and tradition, which allows it to contribute to a new creative, and inspiring, Jewish-Israeli, identity.

‘The Mount, Home in our Hands’ issue is available for purchase online, there will also be an opportunity to buy a copy at the event.

Photo by: Peter Merom, from the book In the Gates of Jerusalem, 1967