The Museum Visitor Experience in the Digital Age

Symposium at the Tower of David Museum

Monday  – April 11, 2016

9:00 Registration

9:30  Opening:

Eilat Lieber, Director of the Tower of David Museum

Reuven Pinsky, Director of Israel Government Heritage Program

Dorit Valentz, Chairman of the Association of Museums and ICOM Israel

Omri Salmon, Director of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites

* Moderator: Eynat Sharon – Head of Digital, the Tower of David Museum and Consultant for the Development of Digital Media for the  Association of Museums and ICOM Israel


Session I: Introduction and Presentations

10:00 Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, Researcher and Lecturer at Haifa University and Bezalel

” The Museum as a Network: Current and Future Trends in the Museum Visitor Experience”

10:45 Martijn Pronk, Head of Digital and Publications, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Guest Lecture (Part I): Rijksmuseum – E-Strategy and Rijksstudio

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 MartiJn Pronk, Head of Digital and Publications, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Guest Lecture (Part II): Rijksmuseum – E-Strategy and Rijksstudio

12:30  Presentations – The Use of Digital in Museums in Israel:

The Museum of Philistine Culture  – Using Digital Means in the Time Dimension

Mira Levy, Project Coordinator and Public Relations

Museum Rishon Lezion – StudentS Create Content on the Wandering Platform

Nava Kessler,  Museum Director and Tzipi Gozez, Training Coordinator

The Kinneret Courtyard and Atlit Detention Camp – Using AR Technology in Heritage Sites

Elad Bezaleli, Director of Education and Heritage sites, Society for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel

Tower of David Museum – AMUSE – Customized tour of the Museum and the City

Rose Ginosar, Director of External Relations and Resource Development

Haifa Madatech – Netriks Center for Renewable Technologies

Lola Ben Alon, Developer of Exhibition Content

13:30 Lunch

Session II: Practical Workshops

14:15 Parallel sessions

A: Phasael Hall  – “Organized Roaming”  – Using the Wandering Platform

Michal Hadas,  Coordinator of Content Development, Department of Education, Eretz Israel Museum;  Shani Ziv, Founder and Developer of Wandering – Technological platform for location based learning

B: Rav-Masachi Hall – Using the app – CometoArt

Reut Foerster, Director of the Department of Education, Petach Tikva Museum of Art; David Feibish, Creator of the app, ComeToArt

  • Moderator: Noga Raved – Curator of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

C: Crusader Hall – When the Physical and the Digital Meet – Designing Interactions in the Museum Environment

Michal Rinot, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Kedar Center for Design and Technology Studies, Shenkar

  • Moderator: Eilat Liber – Director and Chief Curator of the Tower of David Museum

D: Various places in the Citadel – Experience the TODigital applications and devices: Augmentiguide, Swipe the Citadel, Quesity, AMUSE  and more.

Session III – Summation

15:30 Hacking the Walls – The Tower of David Hackathon

Tamar Berliner, Director of Culture

15:45  Summation: The Role of the Museum Digital Department  and Presentation of the Tower of David Hackathon winners

16:00 Closing hour

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