Terms and Conditions of the Store

Terms and conditions of using and purchasing through the online store at the Tower of David Museum’s site (hereinafter: the “Site” and the “Terms”).

A. The online store at www.tod.org.il (hereinafter: the “Store”) is operated by the Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem Association (a Registered Amuta [NGO]) RA 58-001673-1 (hereinafter: the “Association”) at P.O.B. 14005, Jerusalem 91140, and/or its representatives.
B. The Association enables anyone who wishes (hereinafter: the “Buyer”) to purchase products quickly and easily from the range offered by the Tower of David Museum Store.
C. Products from the Store can also be purchased from a central ordering office at phone number 02-6265367 or by e-mail at shop@tod.org.il.
D. By purchasing products online through the Site, you declare that you have read the following Terms carefully and accept them without reservations.
E. These Terms are formulated in the masculine only for the sake of convenience yet refer to both genders.
F. The Association reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time, although any such change will apply only to services provided after the change.
G. The headings in these Terms are inserted only as a matter of convenience and for reference and shall not be used to interpret the Terms.

General Conditions

1. The Buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old. The Association hereby clarifies that it cannot verify whether the Buyer is at least 18 years old.
2. The Buyer confirms that he has a bank account and a valid online e-mail address, and that he uses a PayPal account that is legally his to use.
3. The Buyer confirms that all the details he has given and/or will give in the process of purchasing products through the Site are his correct personal details, including his e-mail address, full name, phone number, ID number, and PayPal account details. The provision of false information and/or the use of information belonging to another person are prohibited, may constitute a criminal offense, and anyone doing so is subject to the penalties prescribed by law.
4. The Buyer confirms that he is using the Site exclusively for his personal use.

Purchasing Products

5. Any spelling mistake in the Site, including a description of the product and/or the price, shall not be binding on the Association. In the event of a spelling mistake, the Buyer is at liberty to cancel the purchase without incurring cancellation fees.
6. To purchase products online, you must follow the stages in the correct order and complete them in the correct sequence without an interval while ensuring that the information that you enter is completely accurate.
7. At this stage, products can only be purchased from the Site by paying via PayPal.
8. A notification that the PayPal account has been billed and details of the order will be sent to the e-mail address of the Buyer who filled in his details during the payment process. Please note that confirmation from PayPal of the debit is a prerequisite for completion of the purchase.
9. It is hereby clarified that the order is not valid until confirmation of the order has been sent to the Buyer in accordance with Clause 8 above.
10. If you have not received a notice confirming the order within 15 minutes of its completion, you should immediately contact the order center via phone number 02-6365367.
11. The Buyer confirms that he is aware that there may be problems in operating the Site as a result of downtime or Internet malfunctioning, whether as the result of a force majeure event and/or for operation or upgrading purposes and/or as the result of malicious action by a third party and/or as the result of any kind of Internet failure, and he relinquishes any claims towards the Association or its representatives that are connected with such events.

Cancellation of Purchase

12. Cancellation of a transaction will be subject to the Consumer Protection Act, 1981, and the regulations enacted by virtue thereof. If the product is defective or does not match its description, the Buyer is entitled to cancel the transaction in writing from the date of the order until 14 days after receipt of the product. If the Buyer wishes to cancel the product for a reason other than it being defective or not matching its description within 14 days of receiving the product, the Association will charge a cancellation fee not exceeding 5% of the product price or 100 NIS, whichever is the lower sum.
13. In the event of cancellation of an order, the Association will also be entitled to charge the Buyer for fees paid by the Association to the PayPal company for the transaction (should such a fee have been paid).
14. The Association shall be entitled to cancel the transaction if an error occurs in the product price or description and/or there is a communications failure and/or other technical problem and/or a force majeure event prevents the transaction and/or it transpires that the purchase is connected with illegal activities on the part of the purchaser or a third party and/or the product is found to be out of stock. If the Association has canceled a transaction, it will not be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damages caused to the Buyer or to a third party.
15. The Store does everything in its power to ensure that the products displayed are in stock and that the description of the products, their image, and their prices are correct and accurate. However, the product may be out of stock or there may be an error in its description, its image, or its price. In such a case, the Store will notify the Buyer and reimburse him and the Store will be exempt from sending the Buyer the product.
16. There may also be differences between shades of color in the image of the product published on the Site and the actual shades of the product offered; these differences do not constitute grounds for cancellation of the transaction.
17. Since the products sold in the Store are naturally liable to be reproduced or duplicated by someone else, the Buyer cannot receive a replacement for a product whose original packaging has been opened unless it transpires that the product is defective.

Confidentiality and Privacy

18. The Association undertakes to act, to the best of its ability, by itself or through its representatives, to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information provided in the product-purchasing process and will only use such information for the purposes listed below. It should be noted that the Association and/or its representatives take the customary precautions to ensure the confidentiality of data as far as possible, in accordance with PCI DSS regulations.
19. It is hereby emphasized however, that since the products are being ordered in an online environment that is naturally susceptible to attempts at hacking by hostile elements, the Association is unable to give a total guarantee that the data will be protected from hostile elements accessing its computers or those of any of its representatives.
20. In view of the above, the Buyer agrees that if, despite the security measures taken by the Association and/or its representative, the Association is unable to ensure the security of data, the Buyer shall have no grounds for any claim and/or action and/or suit against the Association.
21. The Association reserves the right to collect, either by itself and/or by means of its representatives, anonymous statistics regarding the Buyer’s use of the Site in order to analyze and improve the use of this service. The Association shall be entitled to submit this data to third parties providing that the data cannot be used to identify the Buyer in person.
22. The Association shall be entitled to make use of “cookies” (small text files stored by the Association’s server and/or that of its representatives through the Internet browser on the hard drive of the computer used by the Buyer) to provide the Buyer with a fast and efficient service, sparing him the need to enter his personal data on every entry to the Site. However, it is hereby clarified that “cookies” do not contain any data identifying the Buyer in person and furthermore that the Buyer is can alter the browser software so that “cookies” are either disabled or deleted from the computer.
23. The Association shall not transfer the personal details of the Buyer to another except in the following circumstances:
A. The necessary referral of the Buyer to PayPal to complete the order.
B. In the event that the Buyer has contravened the law.
C. As part of a judicial process between the Association and the Buyer, or following a judicial order.
24. It is hereby emphasized that the Buyer can make purchases through the ordering center, in which case the order will be made by phone and not through an online system.

Product Delivery

25. On completion of the order, the packaged product will be shipped. The product will be shipped to the Buyer at the address he has supplied, via Israel Post and/or EMS, in the following manner:
A. To an address in Israel: Within 14 days of ordering (registered mail).
B. To an address abroad: Within 12–14 business days (EMS or Israel Post – registered mail).
Delivery days are counted from the first business day after confirmation of the order. The Store bears no responsibility for disruptions in supply and/or service caused by Israel Post and/or EMS. The delivery and the service will be subject to the conditions of the shipping companies. The Store will be regarded as the sender of the product. On receipt of the product, the Buyer may be required to present an identity document or to sign a form as a condition of receipt of the product.
26. The Buyer will pay for the shipping separately, over and above the cost of the product. Shipping charges may vary from time to time.
Shipping Charges:
A. Shipment to a domestic address in Israel, up to 2 kg in weight: 30 NIS.
C. Shipment to an address abroad, up to 2 kg in weight: 150 NIS (EMS).
D. Shipment to an address abroad, up to 2 kg in weight: 140 NIS (Israel Post – registered).
E. Shipment of heavier items (at the Store’s discretion) will incur a special charge, to be authorized by the Buyer by e-mail or phone.
F. Products purchased in the Store can be collected in-store by the Buyer. The products will be reserved for the Buyer for 7 days in the Tower of David Museum’s souvenir store. In the event of in-store collection, the Buyer will be charged for products when he collects them and not before.


27. According to Israel’s Copyright Law and international conventions, the copyright of publications and products in the Store belongs to the Association and/or the Store and/or the authors or craftsmen and/or the suppliers unless it has been explicitly stated between the Association and any of the authors, craftsmen, and/or suppliers that the copyright of publications and/or products belongs to another party. These rights apply, inter alia, to text, pictures, illustrations, maps, audio material, video material, and any information contained on the Site (hereinafter: the “Protected Material”). Based on Copyright Law, it is forbidden to use, copy, redistribute, reproduce, or publish Protected Material without the prior written consent of the owner of the rights to the Protected Material. The user is forbidden to alter, damage, or perform any other change or action that may diminish the value of the Protected Material and/or harm the honor or reputation of the owner of the rights to the Protected Material.

Additional Terms and Conditions

28. In addition to agreeing to the Terms, the Buyer shall indicate whether he wishes to receive electronic mail from the organization and/or its representatives in accordance with Israeli Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 1982, to be sent to his e-mail box. If he does not wish to continue receiving e-mails, he can request that his personal data be removed from the mailing list by clicking the “Remove” button appearing in every e-mail message.
29. Without limiting the foregoing, the Association shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to prevent the Buyer from purchasing a product online via the Site through blocking him or otherwise, including in the event of illegal actions and/or a breach in the Terms and/or the deliberate provision of false information and/or by an act or omission that harms or may harm the Association and/or any third party.
30. The Association and/or its representatives are not responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or specific damages caused to the Buyer or to a third party as a result of purchasing products through the Site. The Association’s responsibility shall be limited to a maximum of the refund of the Buyer’s money.
31. The law applicable to the Terms is Israeli law. Exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between the Association and the Buyer, including in respect of the Terms, lies solely with the competent Jerusalem District Court.
32. The Association shall be entitled to assign and/or transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms, in whole or in part, to any party whatsoever without notifying the user or requiring his approval.

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