Special activities for children with special needs


The mission of the Tower of David Museum is to offer everyone the opportunity to better understand the history and contemporary culture of Jerusalem. Local and international visitors are invited to explore the galleries and to take part in the many activities and events offered throughout the year.
To this end, the Museum creates special programs for schoolchildren with special needs, children and youth at risk, and young soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Museum also hosts new immigrant groups and populations from the geographic and cultural periphery who are not usually exposed to either the Museum or the legacy of Jerusalem and creates group-specific programs for varied populations respecting cultural differences.

Extended Hours for Special Needs – Meet at the Tower

A radically new program has just been launched at the Tower of David geared to families with special educational needs children.  Special activities for children with special needsThe program is radical because, for the first time in Israel, a museum is addressing the needs of the entire family. In most cases, families with special needs children do not visit museums because of the crowds, because of the stress, because of the fear of inappropriate behaviour.

The Tower of David museum learned from the programming instituted in major museums abroad, and launched a program taking place after regular hours in order to guarantee a welcoming, stress free environment for families who otherwise could never enjoy a museum. We host the families with all their children, those with and without special needs, who can visit the museum galleries and enjoy special creative workshops and programming that is geared to the needs of all the family members.

The Tower of David inaugurated the program In March 2016 to resounding success. Working together with parent groups and organisations like Alut (Association for People with Autism) and Shutaf (Parent Groups for children with special needs) who publicised the program, the response was immediate and overwhelming. Families came to the Museum from places as far away as Beersheba, Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv and the feedback was completely positive. They finally had the opportunity to share a positive family experience and enjoy an outing just like any other family. Special activities for children with special needs

The Tower of David is now raising funds to implement this program throughout the year. More than that, the Museum plans to create a network of museums that will offer similar programming to Special Needs Families so that, every month, there will be a museum activity night available. Additionally, the Tower of David hopes to host workshops so that all museums will be able to plan and produce appropriate events for special educational needs.

If you want to be part of this new venture, please contact rose@tod.org.il or call 972-2-6265525.

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