A night at the Museum

Thursday, March 19, 2020 | 7:30 pm

Let’s talk about Jerusalem – presentations / tours / drinks / food

פורים עבה

For one night at the museum – Jerusalem’s story comes to life. It calls us to enter into its walls – to hear, be heard, and raise a glass to toast the city of Jerusalem.
What’s up with Jerusalem?
Let us take a look at the cutting room floor of Jerusalem; what is hiding under the ornate tiles? The past, the present and the future, the poets and the songs, Iranian Dragons, international real estate schemes, and forgotten neighborhoods.
The event is held in collaboration with – the Shalom Hartman Institute and Shalem College

  • Presentations by senior lecturers
  • Meetings with researchers
  • Nighttime view of the City from the top of the tower
  • Special drinks by Gatsby Cocktail Room

Ticket: 40 NIS
Price at the door: 50 NIS

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פורים עבה

Lecture Topics

An Attentive Ear – Historical Complex (in the Early Muslim Room):

Jerusalem is a rich and exciting city paralleled in its complex History. Parts of its past have been forgotten and left on the editing room floor of the annals of history. Public discussion usually focuses on commonly known stories, leaving behind missing pieces in the historical puzzle. We will focus on dusty stories from forgotten periods, hidden communities, and become acquainted anew with Jerusalem. We will talk about the influence of Saladin on the headlines of tomorrow, about coffee culture in the city, and how the walls can be pulled down with bows and arrows.

Leading us through the desert – Dr. Tamar Eliam Gindin , Omer Michaelis, Yossi Ben-Harush, Olga Klebanov

An Open Mind – Deliberation Locus (in the Crusader Hall):

More than deliberating in Jerusalem, deliberating about Jerusalem. The character of the city asks us to interpret it and investigate its essence, significance and existence. We will check the love songs written by women that speak to the female essence of Jerusalem, learn about the Iranian dragon, find the wisdom of the East in the forgotten streets of Musrara, and locate the legal heirs to the dynasty of King David.

Guiding us through the depths of consciousness: Saar Nudel, Dr. Channa Pinchasi, Ido Hevroni, Shay Weitzman, Isaac Lifshitz, Hava Schwartz.

The Writing Hand – Current Affairs Complex (in the Central Courtyard):

Jerusalem current affairs offers a peephole into the Israel of the future. On the streets of Jerusalem, you can discover cultural, geographical and political trends in Israeli society. New directions will be suggested for the study of the modern reality in Jerusalem – both East and West.

Updating us: Nir Hasson, Kobi Bier, Yaron Ovadia, Uri Levy, Hillel, Cohen, Suleiman Masouda, Tamar Gindin. Moderators: Natan Oppenheimer, “State of Jerusalem”.

Full Stomach – Culinary Stop (in the Multi-Purpose Room):

Food is the most accessible route to learn about any culture. The Jerusalem kitchen invites you to peek into pots and smell something new. We will discover what happened when the Eastern European kitchen landed in Jerusalem. We will clarify something about all Jerusalem foods and learn why it is so comforting.

Dishing out for us: Chen Koren, Shmil Holland, Kamel Hashlamon, Shira Feirer. Moderator: Nissimi Naor Nahum.

Full program can be found on the Hebrew web-page here >>

פורים עבהThroughout the evening

Gatsby craft cocktail bar, mixed some special cocktails for this event. Come taste “Love and Revenge”, inspired by Amal al-Atrash (aged whisky, sweet kava, sage); “Rasputin’s Poison” (arak, coffee with cardamom, dry ice); or “Bloody Miriam”, inspired by Miriam the Hasmonean (arak, tomato juice, zhug and zaatar).

Food stands with Jerusalem-inspired classic dishes: from the famous Jerusalem kugel, to apple strudel with whipped cream from the Austrian Hospice, falafel and techina, and other surprises.